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And we just received an inspiring package: the 40th edition of Creativity Awards Annual. The pages shine with bold colors and beautiful examples of the thriving business of visual communications. We are thrilled to be featured on five different pages of the annual, showcasing our Platinum Annual Report for Immigrant Services Calgary, our Nexen Invitations, our Encana Annual Report, our design for Newalta and Ric Kokotovich and our interior designs for Travel Alberta. Thank you to our amazing range of excellent clients and the entire team at Foundry!



Welcome to the Village

One of the great pleasures of working at Foundry is the clientele, they all bring different stories to the table and we’re eager to soak in every tale. We’ve been recently working with Jim Button and his story starts with beer. His love of beer collided with the City of Calgary to produce Village Brewery, “it takes a Village to raise a brewery” and this one is just for Calgary. Brewed locally in our city and served only within city limits, this true labor of love is strictly a Calgary institution. Recently, The Calgary Herald has also picked up on the quality of this new Village, Congratulations Jim and Village Brewery! We look forward to fall when you pour your first pints!



Restaurant Review

The opening of the Beer Market has been a much buzzed about occasion – for those involved in the industry as well as those intrigued by the unique storefront. It’s run by some previous Managers from the well-known Penny Lane Group. We went there for a soft opening night for family and friends. The atmosphere is very unique for Calgary’s pub/sports bar scene. It is a huge space – it feels like you’ve walked into a very cool warehouse in NYC. There are silver pipes lining the ceiling delivering beer from their huge selection of kegs to the spouts behind the bar. While our group didn’t consist of beer drinkers, we enjoyed having the 2oz tasting menu (good girlie beer drinking options). We shared a selection of appetizers and they were pretty good with lots of potential to be excellent. The onion blossoms with lime aioli are to die for!

Consensus – check it out, esp on a sunny day with the large sliding glass windows. Not a fancy venue but a hip one with a good balance for the sports lover (big TV screens) and the people watcher. A fresh step up from the average Calgary pub/sports bar. There’s also rumors of live music coming soon…

Tourism: Now in 3D

This is a cool idea. Create a 3D tourism commercial and air it before a 3D movie. Discover Nova Scotia is making waves with their new campaign doing just that. Captive audience. Check. Beautiful imagery. Check. Awesome 3D glasses. Check.

See the video at this link:



GDC UnderConsideration

Our GDC annual has again wowed the judges, by winning the Offset and Binding category in the FPO Awards! The GDC annual also won their Sustainability Award! The GDC annual will be published in a printed book by UnderConsideration as well as an iPad publication. The project was such a great collaboration between everyone at Foundry and Blanchette Press, it’s great to be acknowledged!



Blah Blah Blog

Designworklife. Lovelypackage. Lovelystationary. Ffffound. Designporn. WolffOlins. Creativereview… Just to name a few of the blogs Foundry loves to follow. While working on our own designs we love to take a look at what else is going on in the creative world. Packaging, stationary, typography, ads, photography, we love it all. The best part… they are the blogs in which pictures always speak louder than words.



While we’re still brainstorming what to do with

our office walls, we can show off some of the

great desk toppers that have found their way into

our lives. Though we can’t prove it, we believe

that some of our best work is inspired by a stack if

images, a growing plant, and a 50 foot woman.

More office decoration tips to come!



Spring Creek Featured in AB Venture

Big congratulations to our client, Spring Creek, for being featured in Alberta Venture – not to mention a lovely cover of Kirstin. We’re so proud that Spring Creek is being highlighted for all of the hard work they put towards sustainable agriculture! Great job, guys!


QR What?

You see them everywhere. On the bus, on a billboard, in your magazine. These QR Codes are the newest way that advertisers and corporations are getting you to pay attention to their brand or product, and download their information. Invented in Japan, these little squares can hold an amazing amount of information – or simply a web link. Soon they will go beyond the corporate and into the personal.  T-shirts with our Facebook and Twitter links and tattoos with our permanent  relationship status. QR Codes. We think they’re pretty rad – and here to stay.


Online video watching on the rise

With TV networks broadcasting their shows online, there has been a huge jump of people giving up their cable boxes in favour of online subscriptions like Netflix. According to a LA Times article, the number of people sitting down in front of their computers as opposed to on the couch is set to double by 2015. So does this mean that the age of TV watching is over? No more commercial breaks or getting psyched for the newest episode of The Bachelor? We sure hope not. Because we’re only watching certain shows for their awesome prime-time ad spots.



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